Illustrations & paintings. Sloesticia, Macedonia. 

The paintings were responding to and documenting scenes of village life that I witnessed in this remote mountainous region of Macedonia. The village was a contrast to my own rural village in the Highlands. Here people foraged from the woods, lived alongside wolves,  lived off the land, killed their own pigs, and worked in tobacco fields. I met a man who built his own church complete with icons. 

There was also a link with Skopje University were scientists were looking into the decline of River Crabs.

Materials: Oil on canvas


Point Gumno: Centre for Art and Sustainable Development, North Macedonia. Follow the link to see more: http://artpoint-gumno.org.mk/?page_id=720

Former Yugoslavian Cafe
Oil on canvas
Guard dog
Oil on canvas
Top dog
Oil on canvas
Oil on board
Roof mender
Oil on Canvas
Lady Scientists
Oil on Canvas
Church builder
Oil on canvas
Piggy garden

Images inspired by the 4-week residency in the rural community of Sloecticia.

People, Places, Animals, Objects. 

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