Virtual Reality Installation and Research Project-

UHI Inverness 2021

The Other Side of the Mountain


Virtual Reality gaming applications were used to create a colour and sound installation. Thirteen audios were collected from wild habitats around the Highlands of Scotland. These replicated the sounds that would have been heard at UHI Inverness campus over a hundred years ago.

Audios included the sounds of Snipes, Bees, Thunder, Rain, Swans in flight, Bats, Oystercatchers, Redwings, Grey Geese and a bubbling burn. 

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To hear sound examples from inside the colour swatch click here:

OysterCather heard circling around the periphery

A River heard low down on an indigo blue 

Redwings chattering in the branches- heard in burnt sienna 


The Artist searching for sound in the Uists North Scotland
Shapes of collected sounds from wild places
Collecting colour: water colour swatches of minerals, animals, and plants that would have been found on the UHI campus when it was wild.
Colours matched with natural objects from the ancient habitat
Watercolour to virtual colour. Creating the colour domes on the screen
Creating the colour domes on the screen
Domes of colours placed in a circle. Each colour dome contained a wild sound
Composing the colour domes and sounds on the screen
Under Bare Feet: The Artist laid turf under foot so that when the viewer enters the installation, they have to remove their shoes and socks, this added to a ceremonial sense of entering a sacred place as well as to help participants feel connected with the earth as they experience the installation
Then real grass was used for the bare footed VR participants to walk on while their heads were within the VR world. This was a grounding act.
In the colour dome
colours turn to colour domes that hold the natural sounds from the past





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