Artists Statement

With a background in sculpture I have loved to use and work with found objects throughout my career. I am inspired by dreams and stories as well as my immediate life.

Art comes to life by the participant who is the one who looks and engages with the work but also the ones who help to make it, to smear the clay on the car, to plant the tree, to draw the lines on the tissue paper, to build the scaffolding structure and to dip their hands in the water.

I am a communicator, who uses art as a primary source to relate to different realties that I hope resonate with others. I like to create spaces where we can connect on another realm or a place for reflection. I like to use objects and found things that may have imagined, or real stories or memories and I am drawn to mixing them with the natural world. I draw inspiration from the concepts of ‘deep-mapping’ and geopoetics and the works of Nan Shepherd, Joseph Beuys, John Muir, Kenneth White, Dalzell and Scullion, to name just a few.

by Unknown - 22:26 on 28 December 2012
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